Anarchist Paper - 1987-1991

This paper was born from the need to accompany the review "Anarchismo" with an agile publication capable of developing 'circumscribed and condensed' analyses. Political and social analyses, leaflets, communiques and documents of the anarchist movement as well as of other groups and organisations, as well as many short and very short articles concerning attacks on the structures of power, news items testifying forms of spontaneous rebellion, that are manifesting themselves with different modalities and often turn out to be quite extraneous to the specific ambit of the anarchist or antagonist movement.
Starting from a series of analyses - concerning among other things, the modifications in the productive structures, the perfectioning of information technology, transformations in the world of work and school, the progressive cultural emptying - a perspective of struggle is outlined: not only the attack on the 'great temples of death', on the 'visible complexes that attract everybody's attention' but also and principally small and often simple objectives, peripheral structures spread over the whole territory that are beginning to take on increasing importance for capital: factories, commercial structures, seats of power, but also electricity pylons, communications cables, everything that combines in the development of capital and the continuation of exploitation. These analyses and proposals precede the publication of 'ProvocAzione' in part, but in this paper they are gone into further and turn out to be still, valid at the present time.


The Head and the Sand
Most of the Italian anarchist movement has been asking itself a variety of questions over the past few years, with the critical capacity that a not exactly brilliant situation allows.
Among these problems there has also been that of the diminution of anarchist specificity and the growth in a vast area of antagonism that is not exactly anarchist, at least in name, but is moving along libertarian lines.
Excluding the marginal cases of those who consider anarchists to be only those that declare themselves such in principle and in theory, there is the (greater) part of the movement that has tried in various ways to enter into “contact” with this area of antagonism that we could define “libertarian”.
It seems to us that there has been a fundamental mistake, caused by the claim to start from consolidated positions: those, precisely, of anarchism as a political movement, trying to establish itself as a point of reference towards which that area should have moved. Details and breakdowns of personal incomprehension, fear and uncertainty, have done the rest. The result, no one has moved, in fact the area of the above has been sucked in, if not as a whole, at least in part in the multi-coloured game of the green “swamp” or the “nebulous” autonomia.
Perhaps one could have been less rigid. Not so much in the essential context of anarchist principles, as on this one can’t do less than some formulations of method that distinguish us from one and all, so much as the mentality of considering ourselves carriers of the truth, therefore towered up in defence of this “sacred” nucleus from which any external contamination should be kept far away.
We think it was a mistake was to consider only the movement that embellishes itself with the name “anarchist”, with all its practical contradictions and ideological clarity.
Anarchism is something more ample and spontaneous. The anarchist process of movement and transformation is already “in events” a long time before a detailed ideological precision intervenes. This is the wealth of anarchism and, from the organisational point of view, it is also one of its limitations, an obstacle that will prevent it, for ever, from reaching historically quantifiable results of power (and you call that a limit!).
To remain closed up in an archaic concept of anarchism means to keep one’s head under the sand, act like an acephalus body devoid of cognition of time and place, transformation and evolution.
Reality is moving fast, to remain under the sand might be comfortable, but it is a sure sign of incapacity and inactivity.


Head and Sand - editorial
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Issue nine (cont.9

The green arcipelago between party and movement - what methods: pacifist symbolic actions or practical attack within class conflict? - Is there a possibility of a revolutionary collaboration with those who are opposing themselves to the destruction of nature and therefore of man, starting precisely from the practice and methods of small objectives spread over the territory?

Calabria comrades released - yet another attempt to criminalise anarchists failed miserably - in no way intimidated comrades who are carrying on their struggle against the institutions.

A few precisions about the debate in course - what is gradualism applied to revolutionary practice and theory? - the insurrectional concept of anarchists - Malatesta’s ideas on the subject - what are the reasons for gradualism that some comrades support based on ?

Housing, Milan
Old and new conditions of the struggle for housing in Milan - how to make rage go beyond the pre-established containers of social-democratic possibilism - every exploited should move according to their own decisions and motivations - against all those who want to politically manage the struggles of proletarians.

A line..
The “personalised” application of article 14 bis of the Gozzini law - the reply of a communist prisoner to the positions of Curcio and comrades.

The englobement of the artist in contemporary society - reality contributes to creating the work of art at the same time it creates the artist - it is an illusion to think that the subjectivity of our dreams can vehicle a content that is completely different - in this situation artistic sensitivity that wants to express itself must address itself towards vitalising a creativity that is destructive, always finding forms that are best suited to this aim.

A few critical notes on the comidad piece - attempt to compare our insurrectionalist anarchist theses with those supported by the Autonomia.

The managers of the “alternative pubs” on trial - the desire to socialise is being mercified in these places - will we manage to liberate self-managed spaces?

Kill them...
The elimination of the newborn as a solution to handicap - the “different” is usually only tolerated as a faithful Christian - a society based on profit and competition such as ours cannot be too subtle.

Chronicle missing