Anarchist Paper - 1987-1991

This paper was born from the need to accompany the review "Anarchismo" with an agile publication capable of developing 'circumscribed and condensed' analyses. Political and social analyses, leaflets, communiques and documents of the anarchist movement as well as of other groups and organisations, as well as many short and very short articles concerning attacks on the structures of power, news items testifying forms of spontaneous rebellion, that are manifesting themselves with different modalities and often turn out to be quite extraneous to the specific ambit of the anarchist or antagonist movement.
Starting from a series of analyses - concerning among other things, the modifications in the productive structures, the perfectioning of information technology, transformations in the world of work and school, the progressive cultural emptying - a perspective of struggle is outlined: not only the attack on the 'great temples of death', on the 'visible complexes that attract everybody's attention' but also and principally small and often simple objectives, peripheral structures spread over the whole territory that are beginning to take on increasing importance for capital: factories, commercial structures, seats of power, but also electricity pylons, communications cables, everything that combines in the development of capital and the continuation of exploitation. These analyses and proposals precede the publication of 'ProvocAzione' in part, but in this paper they are gone into further and turn out to be still, valid at the present time.


The world is shaken by insurrectionalism. More or less everywhere, in the places of maximum tension, people are moving and coming out into the streets. They are claiming their rights or, even more often, what they believe their rights to be, in deed. We don’t want to say that all these insurrectional movements are in the right direction, but they are in the right situation and the right method.
It is not up to us to say if what we have been saying for years finds confirmation in this historical phase or, as some would certainly like to see, a denial. We pay as much attention to the critic-critics as we do to the whispers of the spies in the police vicoli. What we do find interesting on the contrary is that people, vast populations, are moving, choosing the method of attack and putting aside the reformist perspective of a power that always finds new ways to hide the mystification of reality.
Not only the Algerians and the Palestinians, not only the European countries of the Russian empire, not only Yugoslavia, Cechoslovakia, Poland, but also Manfredonia, Ionia, Athens, Berlin, etc. Of course, for different reasons, different perspectives and, if you like, different equivocations but, above everything, unity of method.
We have often mentioned the causes of a possible new insurrectionalism and how this does not see possible an historical continuity with the old insurrectionalism based on the exclusivity, or almost, of economic claiming blocked by less intransigence or by the vicissitudes of the mechanisms of capital. Today, the international structure of capital already renders institutional the blocks an impossibility. A crisis within a system that has transformed the periodic crises of the past into one of the elements of recuperation and rationalisation of the productive process. No crises therefore, but permanent crisis. A life in crisis. A life in the probability of a happening and not in the certainty of a path. there is only one certainty today: that nothing can happen that is persistent and durable, but that everything changes quickly, within the framework of absolutions and preconstituted condemnations. Awareness of that, well beyond the seeds and the earth in the strict sense is leading people in the direction of direct action. Also, we believe, beyond the occasion of flags and territories. Nationality, like bread and work, under some conditions, still constitute a propulsive element in the struggle, and it would be stupid to deny it. But this element is tightly tied to elements that were quite unrecognisable in the past, only to play a quite secondary role in the light of the unrestraining function that these new elements are developing.
The breaking of institutional links, in the first place of taking the family into account, is one of these elements. In many situations this lightening of interjected order produces a sense of panic of not knowing where to base one’s perspectives, one’s hopes. The State, as other than oneself, is no longer capable of supplying elements of the valid surrogate. Most of the time it is in crisis itself, ideologically if nothing else. It needs support and does not know how to give support. The myth of nationality alone is not sufficient to be an element of order and putting a brake on things, moreover, most of the time it produces outbursts in the opposite direction. The world is precipitating more and more into a provisority that exalts the possibility of recuperation of capital and makes possible its restructuring in the short term but, at the same time, it is imposing very high social and psychological costs.
In the light of recent events, much more of the libertarian alternative that it saw as field of struggle hardly a few decades ago, and a progressive reduction of the authoritarian content of the institutional structures of society has been realised today, than even the most unchained utopians might have been hoped. From religions to morals, from pedagogy to the science of self, from language to philosophy, even science, everywhere the culture of technological man has borrowed liberation as an element for recycling the new dominion. And they realised this without fatigue. In the past one worked for the king of Prussia, and now they are reaping the profits.
But every repressive design has its limits and therefore renders possible the interests of the struggle. Even this omnivorous possibility of mature capitalism to use also cultural elements, the most estranged to its own production, presents aspects that are contradictory. In fact, the destruction of the classical values of accumulation, (money in the strict sense, cariche, recognition, stability, status, etc) makes possible a more agile utilisation of people in the productive process, also in view of a strong quantitative reduction, and without any notable problems of social perturbance. This also has a cost in terms of a progressive lack of stability of the system as a whole.
It remains to be seen, as is logical, not having any past experience on which to base itself, on what this new lack of stability will end up. For the moment we can see that manifestations of mass violence are forming, some of which are gratuitous and eclatante, even if not exactly very significant (we are talking about the so-called violence in the football stadiums); but they are also supplying insurrectional manifestations that are far more important and full of revolutionary significance. We are talking, in this second case, of the great movements of people that are developing at the present time.
Are they destined to disappear? We do not know. We could hazard a guess, make an hypothesis. But we will have quite other things to do.


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