Anarchist Paper - 1987-1991

This paper was born from the need to accompany the review "Anarchismo" with an agile publication capable of developing 'circumscribed and condensed' analyses. Political and social analyses, leaflets, communiques and documents of the anarchist movement as well as of other groups and organisations, as well as many short and very short articles concerning attacks on the structures of power, news items testifying forms of spontaneous rebellion, that are manifesting themselves with different modalities and often turn out to be quite extraneous to the specific ambit of the anarchist or antagonist movement.
Starting from a series of analyses - concerning among other things, the modifications in the productive structures, the perfectioning of information technology, transformations in the world of work and school, the progressive cultural emptying - a perspective of struggle is outlined: not only the attack on the 'great temples of death', on the 'visible complexes that attract everybody's attention' but also and principally small and often simple objectives, peripheral structures spread over the whole territory that are beginning to take on increasing importance for capital: factories, commercial structures, seats of power, but also electricity pylons, communications cables, everything that combines in the development of capital and the continuation of exploitation. These analyses and proposals precede the publication of 'ProvocAzione' in part, but in this paper they are gone into further and turn out to be still, valid at the present time.


We are putting forward the idea that many comrades today cannot find the thread to get to the root of the apparent tight corner proposed by ‘ProvocAzione’.
They thus give the impression that they do not even want to make the necessary effort to find this thread, or, on the contrary, to demonstrate that it does not exist, that we are incoherent and confused. It is not enough to bury our heads in the sand hoping that in the meantime a good fairy will make the nightmare disappear. It is not enough to ignore what is happening before our very eyes.
The fact is that we have clearly pointed out what ‘side’ it was necessary to read us from, and we have done that on an analytical basis that does not seem to have received the attention it deserves.
Small actions, which we have been documenting and will be doing so even more in future issues, are (for anyone that might have realised it) in themselves an analytical proposal that perhaps not everybody might agree with. They are always an indication of the struggle and indicate the profound modifications that the structure of the productive relations of dominion are undergoing.
To ignore all that, entrenching oneself behind the illusion that it is a question of disconnected signs of an empty, affected rebellionism that will sooner or later end up with a possible rekindling of our dreams, means closing one’s eyes because reality is too ugly to look at.
Or, if you like, it means something else. Even worse. Not sharing certain prospectives of struggle and finding neither the arguments nor the courage to say openly that one is for other methods or other roads addressed towards a non-conflictual form of negotiation, means one doesn’t even know oneself and what one wants to do.
If one does not agree with the method of attack, why not say it clearly without the academic drivel? Because, sooner or later something must be said. If our proposal to widen the range of attacks to more simple objectives pulverised throughout the territory, does not please. If antithetical proposals (but which do not oppose ours) of attacks on the large structures of power (for example army bases and nuclear power stations) doesn’t suit either. May someone point out an alternative that is not simply that of a negation of what we or other antagonist forces have proposed.
But in order to do that and not simply hide behind the haze of philosophical chatter “I don’t read you, I don’t understand you, I don’t agree”, it is necessary to find the logical thread we are in favour of.
To simply hope that this bad nightmare of ProvocAzione will disappear by itself so that everything can return to the usual “pub talk”, is a vain one as far as we are concerned.
We have every intention of carrying on.


From reading the newspapers we learn of the arrest of a number of members of an inexistant group “Anarchism and provocazione”. We neither wish to nor are able to say anything concerning the crimes the investigators consider them responsible for, nor the connections or relations they refer to, which are confused to say the least. We only want to point out, as comrades belonging to the Editorial groups of “Anarchismo” and of “ProvocAzione” that we have nothing to do with any clandestine organisation whatsoever, particularly an incredible organisation “Anarchismo and provocazione”.
Apart from our work as anarchists and revolutionaries that we reaffirm here with pride even at a time like this where there are signs on the horizon of one of the most clamorous frame ups of recent years (and it won’t be the first), we want to make clear the inexistance of a “continuism” between our publications and the organisation that operated in the past under the name of “Azione Rivoluzionaria”. The fact - as has been pointed out - that our editions published a book containing the communiqués of this organisation, cannot be considered adhesion or participation, in that we have also published other books expressing opinions that are diametrically opposed (something that the newspapers have not troubled to report).
We think that individual choices, revolutionary or not, should be claimed for what they are: personal decisions that cannot involve structures of the anarchist movement simply because that plays into the hands of a particularly ambitious examining magistrate.
It is necessary to do everything possible to denounce this particularly crazed and odious frame up at every level. Such a thing as “anarchist terrorism” has never existed. Nor have there been anarchists that are stupid enough to lightly give life to events such as those stated by the press, signing themselves in the name of a paper or a review.

Main articles

Find the Thread
The Greens and Methane
Struggle for Housing in Milan
Against School
Clashes at the Polytechnic
Technological Practical Joke
The Struggle in the European Ports
Defence Committee for Orazio Valastro
In Orgosola Against the Carabinieri
Antimilitarist Committee in Catania
Attack on Oto Melara, Spezia
National Liberation in Corsica
Antimilitarist Demos in Catania
Referendum, an Instrument of Power
Women Against Eviction
Attack on South African Embassy
Pope Recuperator
A QUESTION OF CLASS(AMB)* (Insurrection)
Against annihilation
Capitalist restructuring and Prison Logic
The Gozzini Law of 10.10.86
The Green Marsh and its Frogs
Pylon Destroyed in Pasquasia
ETA in Barcelona
In Memory of “Pedro”
No Delegation Against War
Sabotage in RFT Against New ID Cards
Three Boys in the Night
Once Upon a Time There Was a General
Nostalgia and Memory
Against the Fascists
Cinema Action/Video in Turin
Attack in Germany
Against AEM in Milan
Antinuclear Insurrections
Extraditions From France
Clashes at Political Science


Against school - “Bertrand Russell” science high school, was set fire to at the end of March during the night. The teacher’s room was set fire to, causing considerable damage, cupboards.

Clashes: struggle committee against death production organise demo against “A technological strategy for Europe” conference. Eggs thrown, paint sprayed as professors talked.

*check here
leaflet handed out against ENEL. “We throw the shit back on those who give us shit. No surrender to the atom gang and their friends. “Against death production, direct action”.

Technological joke: Milan, at the Fiera, period sanctuary of most advanced technology, joke played against the electronic myth during conference. “Intelligence and innovation of the new Italy”. Suddenly, on the screen where the slides were being shown to illustrate CNR president’s talk, a clear message appeared. “Stop! We’re pissed off!”

Dockers’ struggles in Europe: South European docks struggles in 1986 -\following restructuring according to requirements of the multinationals of sea traffic.

Orgosola: petrol bomb, home made, exploded during night of April 4 in Orgosola against carabinieri barracks. Station commander’s car destroyed and damage done to barracks.

Corsica: National liberation struggle in Corsica continues. In 1986 alone, 522 armed attacks, most using plastic explosives. March 21, the whole island alight with over 50 attacks - public buildings, party headquarters, politician’s homes, etc attacked, on the evening of the elections.

Oto Melaracompany in La Spezia (State participation) - produces war material, attacked beginning of April with 23 sticks of dynamite.
Carabinieri on patrol disactivate explosive intended to damage the death factory responsible among other things for the production of Leopard armoured cars.

During an anti-militarist meeting at the social Sciences faculty at Catania University, anarchist Giuseppe Coniglio reads a declaration of his total objection against military service, tears up his call up papers.

Women against eviction: over 100, who with their families are squatting in the San Paolo area in Bari, threatened with eviction, attack the housing institute responsible, turning over the president’s office and manhandling employees. One director wounded, as well as a number of police who intervene to throw the women out.

South African embassy
Mid March about 150 people climb the wall of the South African embassy in Paris, Quai d’Orsay, and once in the garden break into 1st floor offices, damaging furniture etc. Slogans on walls denouncing 4 year sentence inflicted by courts on Frenchmen who refused to wtiness against 5 anti-apartheid demonstrators accused of “terrorism”.

Eta Barcelona - 2 attacks against police in Barcelona: end of March car explodes near Guardia Civile barracks, 1 policeman killed, 17 wounded. April, explosion as police van passes - one civilian killed and 2 policemen wounded. There have been 5 such attacks in Barcelona since September.

In memory of Pedreo: two nocturnal attacks in Mestre and Padova, against policemen’s homes. In Mestre 2 molotovs against policeman’s home. Padova, 2 gunshots against vicequestor’s house.

Clashes at Political Science Faculty following electoral meeting organised by Fuan fascists in collaboration with New Perspectives, students from the struggle, students from the struggle committee of political science throw bins of rubbish over them.

Antinuclear insurrection - Aldeadavilla, Spain, town of about 2,000 inhabitants 300 Km from Madrid, about 300 people from the village insurge, attacking the local administration structures and taking the provincial employee hostage.

Extradition from France - the Chambre d’Accusation in Versailles approves the extradition of comrades Roberto Gemignani and Roberta Sorragi. Another extradition sentence emitted against Salvatore Cirincione and Orestino Domenicheli.