Anarchist Paper - 1987-1991

This paper was born from the need to accompany the review "Anarchismo" with an agile publication capable of developing 'circumscribed and condensed' analyses. Political and social analyses, leaflets, communiques and documents of the anarchist movement as well as of other groups and organisations, as well as many short and very short articles concerning attacks on the structures of power, news items testifying forms of spontaneous rebellion, that are manifesting themselves with different modalities and often turn out to be quite extraneous to the specific ambit of the anarchist or antagonist movement.
Starting from a series of analyses - concerning among other things, the modifications in the productive structures, the perfectioning of information technology, transformations in the world of work and school, the progressive cultural emptying - a perspective of struggle is outlined: not only the attack on the 'great temples of death', on the 'visible complexes that attract everybody's attention' but also and principally small and often simple objectives, peripheral structures spread over the whole territory that are beginning to take on increasing importance for capital: factories, commercial structures, seats of power, but also electricity pylons, communications cables, everything that combines in the development of capital and the continuation of exploitation. These analyses and proposals precede the publication of 'ProvocAzione' in part, but in this paper they are gone into further and turn out to be still, valid at the present time.


A search for a new equilibrium. This is without doubt the dominant theme of the political moment that we are going through. Not only in Italy, but all over the world.
However, considering things from the point of view of our own reality we must say right away that this research is not only happening with the consultations on institutional reforms at various levels, not only with the roped climbers against the wild protests of a certain trade unionism of new coinage but also with a certain way of facing the problem of the past legislative and judicial emergency.
On various sides they are again taking up the question of amnesty, pardon and all the other judicial instruments that are capable of resolving the delicate situation in which we have come to find State institutions in the face of the phenomenon of armed struggle as this phenomenon has been developing over past years.
We do not know how things will turn out, sure that they had to be sorted out in one way or another. To be convinced of this are not only the dissociated old and new with all their more or less intelligent nuances, but also those who - like Piperno - are on the point of returning to Italy or have already done so.
The solution will, in the first place, be a useful fact in the prospects of new Italian political equilibrium. The State, especially in the face of a prospect of institutional and constitutional reshuffles, needs an old-style political “opposition” even stuffed with opportunely recycled unglorious signatures . From this “opposition” one could, as everyone understands, make the most opportune and optimal use as a lubricant to avoid the risky frictions of the past, i.e. greater unrest. Certainly, men have bargained with the State, even in “intelligent” terms, such as those who “suggest” that the State looks at its cards again and remedies the “wrongs” of the past to avoid a gloomy future of “useless” and bloody clashes, must necessarily be available for manipulation, to suitable use. We are not talking about a Curcio in parliament like Negri and perhaps worse than him. But we are talking of an opposition that is insinuating itself beyond the institutions (that’s a manner of speaking) recuperating the real dissent of the country that is precisely the greatest preoccupation of our governers at a time that is presenting itself as transitory, to go towards an institutional resystemisation. Think of the great importance of a fictitious opposition of the old stamp organised in the streets, supported by the official forces of the parties and of the left, or even by recycled organisations or those of a new stamp, to serve as a safety valve at a time when they finally want to gag the possibilities of strikes, spontaneous workers’ organisations, freedom of movement, of thought, meeting, etc. Because that is what we are talking about.
The State is prospecting a more adequate refoundation in the nineties, which will be years of struggle for the drastic restructuring of production on the basis of the post-industrial economy. In this perspective it could be very comfortable to have a fictitious opposition that pushes the great masses of the past in piazza, people with so many years’ prison to display as a guarantee and hazy ambivalent discourses to contraband as new horizons of revolutionary struggle.
The thing is not so strange. It is necessary to reflect on it. After all, in the perspective of State restructuring it is precisely the highly politicised minorities that scare, those who could constitute a point of reference, a potentially subversive struggle. And it would be difficult to control these minorities and repress them with the classical means (police, judiciary, etc.) that a democratic State has as its disposal. While they could easily fall into the arms of a fictitious orientation of opposition and, so doing, definitively disarm themselves.
That is why - and we remind all those who have not understood it yet - we have always been against all struggles for amnesty. That is why, once again, we are pointing out the dangers of a turning in the direction of “pardon”, legitimisation, or whatever more or less clean term they want to indicate the abandonment and renunciation of ideals and the practice of revolutionary struggle.


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