Anarchist Paper - 1987-1991

This paper was born from the need to accompany the review "Anarchismo" with an agile publication capable of developing 'circumscribed and condensed' analyses. Political and social analyses, leaflets, communiques and documents of the anarchist movement as well as of other groups and organisations, as well as many short and very short articles concerning attacks on the structures of power, news items testifying forms of spontaneous rebellion, that are manifesting themselves with different modalities and often turn out to be quite extraneous to the specific ambit of the anarchist or antagonist movement.
Starting from a series of analyses - concerning among other things, the modifications in the productive structures, the perfectioning of information technology, transformations in the world of work and school, the progressive cultural emptying - a perspective of struggle is outlined: not only the attack on the 'great temples of death', on the 'visible complexes that attract everybody's attention' but also and principally small and often simple objectives, peripheral structures spread over the whole territory that are beginning to take on increasing importance for capital: factories, commercial structures, seats of power, but also electricity pylons, communications cables, everything that combines in the development of capital and the continuation of exploitation. These analyses and proposals precede the publication of 'ProvocAzione' in part, but in this paper they are gone into further and turn out to be still, valid at the present time.


The Horizon is Clearing

The pace and modality of recuperation are being perfected. The State is almost getting its breath back. From the past convulsions caused by the “contingency”. They are directing themselves towards a restoring of “order” and “legality”.
Everybody is in a hurry to forget. Even the old Leninist ruins are tinting themselves with many gaudy colours to make people forget the uniformity of that red they had undeservingly borrowed from the colour of the blood versed by fallen proletarians.
Everybody is forgetting in a hurry. They are painting over the facade. They are taking an interest in new things (as a manner of speaking) entering the antinuclear forces, struggles for housing, the cultural debate, opinionism taken to the extreme. They are struggling for rights (and also for “law”), they are making smoke, a lot of smoke, to hide behind.
Then there are those who “share” (in words of course) but abstain, keeping themselves in an unstable equilibrium, a respectable distance from those that are disavowing and those that have nothing to disavow because they never did anything more than a bus ride without a ticket. They do not want to estrange themselves, either with the advancing wave of disavowed, or with the forces of conservatism (inside and outside the revolutionary movement). So they are developing the role of social indicators, they isolate, like spies, police informers, renegades and the new conscripts of the respectability of opinion.
The horizon is getting clearer, the possibilities of confusion are decreasing. Anyone with eyes to see, look. Those that have ears to hear, listen.

Main articles


Editorial: The Horizon is getting Clearer
Engulfed (War)
In Defence of Radio Onda Rossa
Prisons and Warders in the Metropoli
Against the US in Greece
“Rota Zora”
Giuseppe Coniglio Arrested
Prisoners Revolt
Reveange of a Sacked Man
Against Montalto Di Castro
Jamaican Carneval
Against the Technosystem
IRA Offensive
Orazio Valastro Released
Soubrettes in the Limelight
A Few Little things
A Spectacle of consensusPLP
...And be Good, I’m Warning you
Attack on the Barracks
THE ARMED WING OF SCIENCE (AMB)* (Propulsive Utopia)
Zamberletti the Hero
Revolt in French Prisons
Bomb Attacks in Greece
Offensive in Chile
Battle in Haiti
Repression in Palermo
Palermo- Ordinary Repressive Madness
Pylons down
Greek Anarchist Union is born
Bad Boys
Stockholm Laid Waste
Anti-guerriglia Theoretician Killed
Hard Times for the Nazis
Attacks against Furriers
Against the NATO
Imperial Palace Struck
Monuments Daubed

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